The Birds

'They sing among the Branches'

The birds seem

to be watchful for the End of Days

of a distant destination yet to come

floating in the Sea of the Infinite

islands of consciousness

visible through the tangle of branches

of confused minds

like veins and synapses

bearing witness to scattered ideologies…

witness to the fruits of our actions


about to split asunder

in the deluge…

for I dreamt about a monstrous tide

of blood-red waters

and overhead circled the birds

by now white-winged

in a great gathering resembling

a multitude of angels…

‘Then I saw an angel standing in the

sun; and he cried with a loud voice,

saying to all the birds that fly in the

midst of Heaven, “Come and gather

 together for the supper of the great God…’*

and then the words were lost

in a profound silence

a lapping of the waters

the blood-red waters…


And I awoke to the dawn chorus

of a tree bare

of leaves and fruit

save for tiny new

green shoots…

and through the tangle of branches

an angel standing in the rising sun…


Susannah MacDonald 2010


*Revelation 19 Verse 17

The Holy Bible The New King James Version



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