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Reflections while sitting on the Train

Pathways 003


Something unravels and disperses
as we,
each step taken,
walk out the accumulation of
lifetimes….our pasts
pounded into asphalt
poured onto paper
and canvas
gone with the rolling over
of relentlessly passing seasons

Steps which take us
to where we have not been before
where no ancestor has been…

Maori say
that we look towards our ancestors…
true – for the ancestors face us
and we look back at them
as we confront our pasts
which are in front of us….still
until we can dispense
with the attachment to these pasts
the shame
the glories
the losses
we remain bound.

Our pasts are written on our faces
as with
the man I see seated opposite…
full moko, wearing his art
and ancestry upon his face.
For each of us, we wear a
map – a slice of
on a globe, within a Universe of Being
each cell upon our faces
carries every memory
back to a creative thought
in the mind of the Creator
who dreamed Universes….
made Matter
and this we are remembering and
releasing from bondage
in our images and words.


Copyright 2009



4 thoughts to “Reflections while sitting on the Train”

  1. Hi Susannah, I have enjoyed thinking on the sensation of enabling release, how the ‘root-ball’ of Creation manifests, in numberless quantity, the flower and fruit of those contemplations, which have burst through the soil as us…and the train has always been a good place of these meditations

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