My uncle. The gangster.

i am a criminal, an outlaw indeed. born with no morals but values of greed.
inherit my leathers, abide by the gang. a wicked young man with steel in my hand.
blood means nothing. my family is false. i ride for my brothers we share the same pulse.
now i belong to something so great. i earned my own stripe. enforcer of hate.4

leading the front. new lands we had claimed. earning my brothers their fortune and fame.
corrupting the young sickening their minds as long as i earn the longer i ride.
convince them with me, there is meaning in life. their loyalty kept crystallized in a pipe.
i am a criminal, an outlaw indeed. turns out the police had thought the same thing.

i kept to my pact and mentioned no names, so my brothers could keep their fortune and fame.
years had gone by so close to be free. no word from my crew, not one single peep.
the day is here, i can taste my good freedom. but these bars remain closed, i will not be leaving.
sergeant in arms gave life for the gang, repaid me with charges and left here to hang.

betrayed by everything i gave so much for, they gave me the weight worth life and plus more
here i now sit, a man without pride. i write to my mother who’s love i denied.
a letter returns, i opened with haste. too see her reply an empty blank page.
i’ll die in this cell, nobody will care. a sad broken man shedding my tear.

i was a gangster, my life i have wasted. my legacy nothing but surely has faded.
feared by the worst and richer than most, and here i now tie this sheet to a post.
i was a sergeant, learn from my mistakes, all you young soldiers seeking fortune and fame.
i am a criminal, an outlaw indeed. ill die with no morals because of my greed.

1 4 E 9
L 7 7 Q
Q T 8 I
K l L 3

This was a poem written by my uncle the day he took his own life in prison. I wish to share this to help our youth in aotearoa turn away from the gang life, but unfortunately i am unable to fully express my support without contradiction as i have also followed in my uncles footsteps, but after i saw this my footsteps will be changing direction.

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