Within: the longest Day.

Within: the longest Day.
Philip Tayler 18-11-2015

At the end of the final, long day; much is due
the question arises – who am I? who are you?
The seers and mystics; I believe they speak true
They honestly, compassionately, endlessly say
the false self, the ego; is crucial to Slay.

Destroy the persistent, yet paper thin labels,
unbinding physicality and ego’s iron cables,
no more false constructs or socialized fables.
Melting as Ice, yet reforming as dew,
The way of the eternal, the way of the New.

Searching for truth, everlasting love song
sensing witness’ presence, for which I so long
To return back home, where the awakened belong.
Beyond love and pain, the great and ingrate
letting go of it all, the ultimate state.

Looking deep within; where the muse often hides
finding compassion, intuition; wonder besides
where peace and contentment truly resides.
Deep in the heart, Deep in the Mind-gently go;
Love, deep awareness; suchness and so.


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