Who are we?

Who am I? and WHO are you?
Are we  marching toward each other
Or locked forever in embrace

You fill my day ,when I feel your breath
that lies within my soul
awaiting my awakening

Speaking soft tones of love
not guilt
my anxious mind glimpses
the perfection in each dawn
and we break through the clouds together

age has granted time to ponder notion
yet as a child I knew your essence
it held me close when sorrow swept
and cradled my beating heart entwined in your sacred one
the tide held me but did not drown

Years spent waltzing round the globe
testing partners of power or riches
till settled in a land where humanity
smiled as fate and tyranny threw
their all
they called you father
and thanked you for your grace and wonder
Humbly I praise beside them
To be gentle in their pain and they love again again
Oh my God Who am I and who are you?

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  1. This lovely hymn reinforces my belief that the arts lead us to God-realization.

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