Pakeha and Maori face each other
Years before in time
Each preen their feathers
some stay aloof
on waves of brine
Echo their song- no dancing a sailors jig
We’ll sling them in the brig
or blast our muskets

‘Masters ‘sailed long ago from this southern shore
and again today we meet each other
some tattooed faces , all tired eyes and hair of grey
The wisdom of shared lives in days gone by,
pushed asunder

Rights                                                                 Wrongs
we pay the price with every tide
Hard working people of New Zealand weave patterns
that could delight our eyes and warm our hearts
Looking for pathways of hope through the bog
and the mire of distrust  that drag us apartSometime we’ll carry one another on a wave of triumph
as on the rugby fields ,finding touch
and find the winning line, together!

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