Measure the treasure that fell from your lips
When you kissed and delighted the depths of my being
Drew from the gods
Nectar in your eyes
Swam in the pool- without seeing

Blind to the toil you set up in my brain
Craving the wisdom that made you delight
and tickle the humour from dark in my night
I floated and soared- without seeing

Years drifted on in bubbling bloom
dancing and touching the stars in our room
Fading in bones, yet still the tones
kept me warm- without seeing

I’ll lend you my days as  you fill up my cup
The joy that you bring
heart that will sing
Send me reeling- without seeing

Blind to your needs that kept you so strong
my blind adoration was never in vane
Blind as we flicker like moth to a flame
Trusting ,ignited- in  being

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