I love to go a wandering….

If trains drew me along a track I’d lack the endeavor to stay so confined
my mind wanders up and over the dales towards the sea
If ships sailed with me inside I would hide from the wall of waves
I’d not be brave,
But oh if the wind just gusted us though the peaks and troughs of life
I’d soar higher and seek the main embracing all
A kite could be my choice of fetter- what better than to be let out
and sent to chatter to the birds
what words would pull me back
and if the slack sent me reeling to the rocks
what then.?……..
And yet again I set to type my mode of transport ,my delight ,
I trail the fantasy that play inside my brain and again it jolts me back to day
when night is blended and I pay the price of unending write.
Reality can be pretty , it can be raw
The colours of surrender to daydreaming with pen
don’t drain me like the morning rain
Hello ,I’m happy again.

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  1. Yes – sailing! My ‘musing muscle’ as you so eloquently express it, is kicked off by the sea and ships. I relate well to this lovely piece. I enjoy the way you describe the process of poetic writing (composition, painting etc.)

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