From the chrysalis of stoneage to fluttering hearts

Sheltered in caves the knaves ran the gauntlet
of beasts and braved each morn to feed their young
Muscled mighty beings crushed enemy
and ravaged their queen
would we have seen
caressing in those days?
When did mans heart tug and beat him to submission to pure love?’Evidence suggests’ a mothers make up held it
who and how do they measure ?

the family unit- a thesis, discuss
did it nurture the brain to grow in size?
do cells develop minds we recognize as attune to our ways?

the dance, symphony, compendium of life and players that walk this earth now are caught in a drama, each moment the picture that is painted may be ugly or beauteous like the stars
a millisecond in a cosmic mullion
souped now
picking berries here
or mutton
baking our myriad breads
the kaleidoscope sends the shards to tumble
do we rumble
or roll
to eternity

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