worry of love

*‘worry’ of love
*either as in ‘worry about’ or ‘bother’

near the school
mothers worry
their children
across the road
at the gate
a mother worries
her daughter’s
hair into place
a father his
son’s jacket
a boy runs
to worry his
friend from the
same class
up ahead
a young man
worries his
girlfriend across
the cafe morning
table to open the
gift he’s given her
sellotaped up himself
late last night
a lady before
the quiet mirror
in the bedroom
worries the brooch
her husband gave
her fourty years ago,
fourty years that
just went,
on the balcony
worries her
husband’s eyes
looking out on
a sea deep
in blue, eyes
that see
only clouds
these days.

nelson st, howick
morning, 10 june 2013

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