– to John Lennon, Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen

when John was
shot down
by a fool
in New York
i knew
this world
makes no sense
the pain of love
the pain of pain
in his voice
love won
only a
cold point
through the

when the universe
takes Bob back
his voice
from the bottom
of mankind
coming up
his voice now
as old as
he strove to
sound young
those words
in that voice
the earth will
for me
but an instant
lean into

sweet Leonard,
when your time
has come
the fullness of
a struck bell
i’ll take your
voice down from
the upper shelf
like an old
whiskey wrapped
in a dapper
song of yours
and drink it on
till closing

february – april
beijing 2011

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  1. Editor Editor says:

    Poets as Rockstars! love it! there has got to be good jam session going up there too many good ones this year

  2. Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

    sad to read this again, Peter.

  3. Dean English Dean English says:

    If I could sing better, play the G-tar..3.Poets as Rockstars.

    Hello again, Peter.

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