night walk

night walk

when this life
is to be taken
far from its
restless place
this body
should i be
granted a final
clear vision
let it be
this elm opening
out its high storm
of leaf against
the night
the seething of
its dark rigging
hoisted against
a capsized moon
as she
groans in the
gunwale taking
on* sky cloud and
faded star on
a westward
so shall we
sink together in
the heart
ripping like
a full sail

cockle bay
january 2015

*‘taking on’ as in ‘taking on water’ as a nautical term meaning mean that water is gathering in the hull of the vessel because of listing or leakage.

2 thoughts on “night walk

  1. Gosh; this is excellent. I love “its dark rigging hoisted against a capsized moon”… what stunning, haunting imagery. Thanks Peter.

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