to Frank Le Baige

how many of us
have scratched
such names.
i go down
to the beach
and have a
look at the
foot of the
sandstone cliff
where it arches
over a hollow
hollower then,
a spot i’ve known
since childhood,
for that my
brother’s name
he dug out
deeply, i
thought then,
some 50 years
ago with stick
and blade and
bragged it good
for a ‘100 years’;
one of his usual
i’d long stopped
to believe in.

i imagine
i do
see something
faintly there
like something in
the tidal shallows,
the shadow of a
flounder moving
out, imagine
i’ve found a letter
and he was
right i can
go on dreaming
i’ve found it
even 50 years
from this life
into the maybe
a name as
good as
his word,

which was
never to
be believed

april /december 2016

6 thoughts on “name

  1. Many thanks, JJ, I’m glad if it struck a chord for you. Byron’s name is as he left it scratched into the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion in Greece in 1810; at least he was smart enough to do it in marble!

  2. Thanks for reading, Dean. Keep following it and I’m sure it will take you to the makings of a poem, knowing how light a breeze you only need to create!

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