hymn of the soul pearl

hymn of the soul pearl
to Robbie Louis Stevenson, inspired by his story ‘The Beach of Falesá’

i shall
make for the
islands when
my days are
only afternoons
cloud banks low
on ocean
only there
with a sun’s
fall remaining
to the hour
shall i find
calm faced
on all points
of desire’s compass
with a vastness
of equal measure
to the unknownness
of this self

a little land
in a great sea
enough to gather
sticks dry leaves
of outlived seasons
to burn in
dreaming flame
to bolster light
in the murmuring
darkness of the
sparks lifting
cobra-wise on the
smoke into that
darkness above
resting on darkness
below like a shell
closing on the
soul’s pearl
safe at last
till dawn’s
new opening

three kings plaza
11 december, 2014

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