dedicato a Marco, poeta e traddutore

there was nothing
else than the walk from
the shore to the house
all as it had been
for all time past
yet voices shouting*
bold with the
drink from your
own cellar
and you sank
the arrow
into their
fat revelry
even before
you had kicked
the stout door
in with calves
of iron

i see
you with a suit
the grey of an
otago sky
the excellent
shades fining
your gold rimmed
glasses held
lens of hard
cold tears you
looked at
us through and
love ever turned
cold in that look
however dear
it was.

i might have
wanted more
got just what this
shore had always
held for me the
soft first step of journey
or returning
the smell
of dry seaweed

january 2012

*reference to Odysseus’s return and his slaying of his wife’s suitors, who had drunk and feasted in his palace.

** reference to the Alexandrian Greek poet, Konstantinos (Constantine) Kavafy. Kavafy’s poem ‘Ithaca’ (Ithaki) which describes the significance of Odysseus’s home in the making of his legendary journey is one of the iconic works of 20th century Greek literature.

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  1. Thanks, men. Actually, Mark knows I posted this on the old site’ most of the stuff i’ve put up of late was previously posted there. I’d upload more but would flood the deck, so to speak, and I don’t want to see my name repeated there for the last ‘x’ number of posts, so I’m taking my time. This was somehow inspired by one of Mark’s ‘classical’ (historical) pieces. Glad you liked it, and thanks for commenting again on it, amico.

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