crzay mirror

crzay mirror

the funny fellow
of nelson street
with straw hat
and beat-up shoes
‘poet of birds’ and
‘lord of snails’
is walking to
the shops,
a wife and
two cats whose
faces change
worryingly one
into the other
behind the
screen door
his bank card
with a square
hole in it the
size of the
bank of china,
crossing the
domain* he waves
at the magpie
always does
has made an
of it ‘waving
at the magpie’
like waving at
life wondering if
it’s waving back
or just turns
a blind eye
he’ll purchase
bananas in plastic
and almond
the funny fellow
with his sack
in the head
of jumbles
and jubes.

howick domain, cornwall park
14 december 2013

*apparently the use of the word ‘domain’ to mean a ‘public space or park’ is peculiar to New Zealand English.

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