little sparrow

little sparrow

little sparrow
riding on the
branch of pine
in a wind
with smell of
you chirp
under the
clutter of sounds
around me
chirp on
through my ear
chirp on
as though believing
the god of growing
things will kneel
to you
place fullness
into your mouth
he won’t
nor the dark
nor the wind
nor the cat
nor the final
day you sleep
heavy into,
wings slurred
frozen in a
nook between
branch and

little sparrow
for all the
worth of your
song a stitch
in a broad
let’s call

september 2012

2 thoughts on “little sparrow

  1. Hey, Dean, let us know where/how long you’ll be around. Jason and I would love to meet up with you in person!! There’s regular poetry readings on the Tuesday evening.

  2. the comment to this poem went to another poem! Cave piece I think.
    …Flying to Auckland today, with my 11yr son, into rain by the looks of it! Never mind, the beautiful & warmer north

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