for Keikei

this early
my girl said
she loves me
large as the galaxy
that milky way
her way of winding
round me loving me
through star looks
i told her i’m a
hot spring for
her to soak
in me to
let the old scars
the old wounds go
to feel me as
warm as i
can get

some say the
pair of us are
good for nothing
except gazing
at the full moon
in rapture just
holding hands

they’re right
no doubt
about us
true to
a fault to
the foolishness
of ourselves

21 july 2016

3 thoughts to “rapture”

  1. Hey, thanks guys. Have been buried under legal considerations of late, and managed to get out of a costly legal process attendant to divorce by a friend’s truly generous help. Too mentally tired and stressed, however, through these past weeks to even read recent postings by all your good selves. Glad if this little slice of ‘rapture’ struck a chord somewhere in you. Suffice it to say I’m truly ‘moon struck’ by the lady in question.

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