What’s worse, being dead or dying?

Pine cone;


red shoes,




sky, so

cool  –

evening. Think:


if you

go does Day/

Night also?



as if


never was




Hold on,

9 thoughts on “What’s worse, being dead or dying?

  1. Dean, yes! True. Was reading about it today after someone else mentioned it. Pure chance: I don’t recall having ever known that. If i did, it lodged itself out of reach, in the back of my mind.

  2. Oh I had forgotten about the pineal gland in the cerebrum …. in any case I was unaware of any properties it might be thought to have other than it’s endocrine ones. Learn something new every day.

  3. The pinecone also relates to the metaphysics of the Poem, symbolic of the cerebellum, considered, in occulted traditions, or some at least, important to reality interpretation

  4. The ‘pine cone’, ‘shoes’, ‘you’ made me think of someone standing in front of a shop window at Christmas, the small Christmas pine, new shoes (red I keep thinking) and a pale reflection (you) and a look away into the early evening sky and its moon. That’s the way my imagination ran with it… love the poem/meditation as well, by the way…ciao, amico!

  5. thanks Lesly. I don’t mind. Yes, I wonder. The first part of the poem wants to capture loose images, moments – the awareness of being alive. The images (cone, shoes…) are fairly random (but with an ear for sound, of course). I’m not convinced that the assonance, the near-rhyme, of ‘cone’, ‘you’, ‘shoes’, ‘new’, ‘moon’ works; I worry that it’s laid on a bit thick. Otherwise, I like it.

  6. I didn’t ‘get’ all of this, Mark, (but then I am new to poetry) particularly the first couple of words. I have read it several times and feel that I now have it’s meaning though. It’s the words ‘pine cone’ that jar. I hope that you won’t mind my saying so.

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