ways to disconnect

I opened my eyes an hour later.

The long cabbage tree was waving.

The Jasmines flowered

along the back wall; nothing

had changed. I’m half

dreaming; how easy it is

to fold, to stare at a

mottled sky, fall

in the pool, hear

nothing but reverie. A key


the lock & my stomach

drops. I’m in

& out of it

fast: chiselling

stone; at the hotel,

getting laid in-

to by a tan-

skinned man, for a cut-

price room, with a whore;

a boy wandering home,

on the trains, on the steps

of the museum, wanting it

to stop, to crash

the window. The key

turns & you hear the mute pause

before the door shuts & footsteps

take the hall.



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  1. Vicky Curtin Vicky Curtin says:

    I can think of better ways to disconnect.

  2. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    Pretty damned cool, Marco, that key in the lock and the mind starts running crazily into the smashed-up past until the door closes!

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