three poems (more disparate lines)

Morning Dew                                                   5 September 2015


You’re the girl on the swing

I still think about.


I have lain

among the clustered

flowers on the lawn


winter-long, for the soft

fall of little feet.


The Master Fled                                                                                                          6 September 2015


The master

fled, driven

downwind; to scrub the floor

and toil the field;


hard after

years of wilderness;

where wisdom’s nurtured

by thought alone;


to be undone by experience –

the bitter years to come.



in green                                                                                                  1 September 2015



‘eco’ is in green lettering,

which is good business.



(In private most of us own up

to ourselves, away from the crowd,

the casual rounds of work friends et-




Most of those guys on the

building sites are ok. Tho

misfit, I fared better there than when

I wore a suit; unless I dressed

to be cool, which I did, distinguished

from City business men, con-men –



Here it’s all harleys and

grease and leather,

which makes me sick.


20 years on, well,

I’ve a Parka, good for shelter

when it sucks and blows.

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