there’s no time

it’s said time will end one day or night as if it now exists which i don’t think it does                                                                                               because

it has no substance, isn’t subject to change therefore, so. tho it’s true i’ve no formal learning                                                                              . but a hunch my instinct is good.


when i fell in love i didn’t know what to do & couldn’t think because everything was just you                                                                               know

& i didn’t know where i was or when, & some days i was like No. & other days was just, omg

, Joy & half understood what it is to walk

on the moon. the world is miracle

but you shakin yr heads like it’s, impossible.

balloon, something you invent; figment. idea i think –

one day you’re gone & never was & violins don’t begin to tell it.

i hope these butchered words do.

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