I look to the emptiness still

I look to the emptiness

still; the pool rippling

like jewels in streetlight.


Tonight there is no moon.

But me, and you inside me

beating still.


The water is beautiful,

and the air is still.


My boots soon

shall start


the long steps

to you. I will

one night


turn away

those melancholy waves

that turn this night

so gentle, stir

the black and bottled greens

or die wandering

the darkling trees.


27 October 2015

2 thoughts on “I look to the emptiness still

  1. Another eerie post from the future (check your date, caro amico)..joking aside, the title, first line sets its mood so well, it’s haunting and the sound of it, especially the final stanza that ends amidst those ‘darkling trees’ is particularly ‘succulent’ in its colour and sound. ‘I look to the emptiness..’, is there ever too much of such looking?

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