I click the door shut, walk down 6 steps and I’m on

the long lovely street at midnight, at which point

I exhale long and lovingly, breathe in; cool air,

the distant swish of cars, summer stars – hunter,

dogs, hare; the wide ship that bore the Argonauts.

What are my thoughts? I envisage nothing, I cannot

fathom; walk a few steps up the street and dig

the click of my footsteps and pause, for effect –

beneath his window, lit; the yellow glow is fraught,

like me last evening, harsh in the cool darkness.

I fix upon that yellow spot and, in my mind’s eye,

the bald spot on his head. And as I focus on that

peculiar image, I evoke in that minute

the few maledictive forces I have gathered.


11 December 2015

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