dissolutions in the morning 3

the skin on my finger tip is,

rubs against your in-



dry & your smile is

thin. Had a feeling you’d


be gone. Saw it clear, some-

where when I shut my

eyes in


daylight, saw

red & when

I passed on

almost, black


. There’s a knock

& I can’t get to the door before



I’m at the funeral

& I can’t hear a word

of it & there’s nothing

like death or your mother


to kill the buzz, the

crack, your cock between her wide

thighs snapped tight, against

the grain & you fill her good

like that grave/digger

shoving the dirt back in. I’m/

a machine|Not-thinking \ just­­­­/ ff____


____fucking because. What else

is there. I’m sure yr/ man doesn’t mind,

because I’m/ family &/ (shh) – my/ mama just died ___________


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