modern poets

Poets never look like poets.

Not the ones I know.

They used to. Like Byron,

who fought in Greece,

& Christopher Marlow,

in South London.


But Eliot was a Banker,

a Royalist, Anglican.

And you’re at a bus stop

in Grey Lynn, ruminating

the mysteries of a Lamb

& Pickle sandwich.

5 thoughts on “modern poets”

  1. Great for us who know Bob, Marco, have seen him read over the years, first read him at high school, retired from the wharves now I think. Got his big sacks of imagery from working out there on the harbour waters, I always think. Enjoyed!

  2. yes, of course; and it is a trite to say poets don’t look like you expect them to.
    In part i was inspired by Bob Orr’s South of Capricorn. He’s the writer in Residence at the uni of waikato, and i got to meet him when he gave a guest tutorial. And in part inspired by something in a TS Eliot bio: his upstairs neighbours were ‘artistic types’ – they looked the part, and Eliot’s walking out to his bank every morning, with his flat hair, and stiff as a corpse. But he was writing Waste Land while this wild bunch looked the part.
    Thanks Dean, and John.

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