the white wave like you

deep in the next room

breathing, flaxen hair




frond leaves fan the sky;

at dawn, ravens.


the hall:

a foot fall, a shoe

unknown to you


in this light

5 thoughts on “light/sound

  1. thanks Peter. haha, true – but beautiful words, especially Rain, which is one of my favourite beatle songs. Everyone has a bunch of pet words, probably. Thanks again Dean. I get you. That fixation on the gap between – two notes, events etc. I’ve been riding that trope quite a bit lately.

  2. Exquisiteness’es’ placed together. I love such progressions of sound, of visions. Don’t start looking at my stuff for repetition, it’s riddled like a cheese moon: rain, sea, moon, earth, sky, mountain, tree, star, heart and dream…round and round they go often in the same piece.

  3. No I don’t think it’s repetitive, maybe I’m imagining it,the suggestion of a larger time uncommented on; and not the words either: ‘night’ ‘dawn’ but the between unsaid

  4. I appreciate that thought. Thank you. I hadn’t noticed the frequent conjunction of those words. hope i don’t overdo it. sometimes i worry about that kind of thing

  5. I notice ‘night’ and ‘dawn’ together often in your writing, suggesting, by the absence of description of what happens in h gulf between …well, anything, really…the gone, perhaps

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