13th floor elevator

…she’s there – in some form,


up on the high deck of a bus I never saw

til now the Redness how intense the flavour


of it is,


gardens! weave

between the jasmine and the flower;


shade, white shadow waive wave

air-thin nothingness, the spider


strings of Shostakovich –


climb my walls!

course the cracks of heavenly ceilings,


I’m in!                                   too  s-low …


to get the door.



4 thoughts on “13th floor elevator

  1. no worries Pietro. I couldn’t remember where we were up to. I started writing, i think, canto 31 or 32 about a year and a half ago, and have left it unfinished. I’m 2 or 3 poems from finishing 1st volume, and i will do it if only because i’ve come so far; but i’ve serious doubts about the quality of it now, and wished i’d done it a different way. so i might 1 day re-think it all.
    Time for me is pretty short tho. I struggle some days – like you from the sounds.. let me know how you are sometimes.

  2. Apologies, have been in a ‘s steps forward, 3 backward’ state of late. Have almost finished Canto XII – only about 6 months overdue (at a modest estimate)!

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