my body is not an apology


My body is not an apology

to those disfigured

by war; to those with limbs

torn off in Damascus.



I might chance my arm

in down-town Kabul;


get legless, ripped-off

discriminated against because I’ve got

four limbs and I’m human. Granted:



your body is not an apology.


This you have expressed in care-free

lines of free verse and elaborate dances

(ballet, modern jazz, etc):



shake therefore those



not a soul, controls you.



4 thoughts to “my body is not an apology”

  1. true. there’s this recording of a poem with same title, slam-delivered, irate; and they played it at uni and it irked me. i can’t remember the poem at all, just the delivery, and i wanted to write something cool in response. Thanks Dean.

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