casual lines

Where do they go, eternal lines?

They stop the mind a mere minute


before they fly, unadorned by wings,

and fall like flakes of dead skin,


destined for nothingness, but this

here/now. How to tell it?


I’m here because…but it’s all

so horrible, an accident! I can’t


live it indefinite, do it. Even

to be is to be nothing


but what I am – in effect

what you make of me.


April 2016

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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

    haha, thanks Dean. I didn’t realise my user name would show publicly when i signed up here, and now i can’t change it! It doesn’t suit me, which is funny, and never mind.

  2. Dean English Dean English says:

    I always enjoy others rumination on the fathomless wonder of self and such, percy64!

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