‘What Say You?’

(A Tornado’s Perspective)


Trust me not with your children

For I will strip them from your arms

Your selfish pleas ignored

Weak, sobbing sadness dashed

Ha, as are your dreams!

What say you now, of home?

Of long life, in tornado alley?

I have broken you with ease

Freed you from the foolishness

of arrogantly standing in my way

Now your significance lies limp

flung across fields of splintered debris

Across nature’s thousand year old path

Your unwelcome boxed landscape

ripped and torn, dirty, bedraggled

as trauma matting your daughter’s hair

What say you now of your God?

What say you now, of me!

                                                          *~ Pearldiver ~

Copyright © 2015 Rob Welsh – Pearldiver with all rights reserved.

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Author: pearldiver

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2 thoughts on “‘What Say You?’”

  1. Interesting. I like the tornado voice here, dark and gripping. The splintered debris and unwelcome boxed landscape imagery (to name some) too, is well worth mention also. Nice!

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