‘Immunity Beyond Repair’

Far deeper lies all reason for my churlishness

For most unbridled qualities are seldom seen

unless one genuinely explores the sedimentary depth

of human nature, of pain or the life that has been


“How sad,” they say “Such a broken man!”

“How wrong they are,” say I

When ’tis merely a tried and true antidote for

involuntary exposure to stupidity and ignorance


I feel no compulsion to undergo surgery

To allow gloved hands explore the merits

of an Optorectomy, designed to cut the cord

between perfectly working anus and eyesight


“Such a foolishly fragmented mind,” they say

“We have the technology beyond convulsive therapy

to successfully remove his crappy outlook on life!”

“Really? Why are they so blind?” I ask myself laterally


Surely we have evolved beyond such flawed empathy

Strived as a race, to selflessly understand others

How sad the integrity of bland minds must be

when unable to see, the wallowing value of happiness


*~ Pearldiver ~


Copyright © 2017 Rob Welsh – Pearldiver with all rights reserved.

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