‘When the Matata Dams Burst’

Council’s Dam Debris





(2005 Matata Debris Flow)


How life can turn in a second split

Felled logs, giant rocks riding silted floods

of denial and acts of negligence, the sham

Quarry sluicing is not to blame, they cry

No evidence exists that there was a dam


When 3 forty year old debris dams burst

Raining down upon a tiny coastal town

What part of life does one try to save first?

For twelve years on, the pain remains raw

as a Council buries all devastation, of before


I pray the flow of tranquillity will return

Bearing no debris of contention

Nor hewn boulders of deceitfulness

To this place, of broken beauty and hearts

To this place, we know as Matata…

                                                                             *` © 2016 Pearldiver~

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