‘The Shame of Pike River’

 ‘The Shame of Pike River’


Here, down here we remain:

Here, in New Zealand’s dark history

the longest shift to truly believe,

we’d see the sunlight again


We need a beer

and a shower and real sleep

The batteries failed down here,

oh so very long ago

But still in hope,

we work this pit, even though


It’s just that we feel as if,

we’re never coming home

As if, the world has stopped and died

And we can’t get out

and they can’t get in

and the politicians promised

that no matter what

we’d be relieved you see 


But now it looks to me;

That in truth’s reality

of the negligence that applied

the guilty have never, truly tried

We want to say thanks

for remembering us

Remember the dreams we all shared?

Never forget, when they justify why

we remain down here, never forget

they lied, when they said they cared!


We’ve longed for a beer

a shower and just a simple feed

Down here missing our families

and the concept of what should be

But they won’t let them in

and we can’t get out, you see


No matter what they say

this isn’t the way

such good lives should end

Politically abandoned

left down here in the dark

We are always the 29

Lost and still waiting to be freed

from the shame of Pike River Mine


Time doesn’t erode promises;

just the chance to make amends

In doom’s silence down here

the last man alive will, without fear

lay down his tools knowing why

those who should really be here

have buried the truth, to seal the lie


Remember what we loved

how we lived, why we died

Carry us home from down here

with friends always held dear

if you will, when you can

For only then may we,

rest in peace finally

With the dignity owed, to each man…

                                                                         *~ Pearldiver ~                   

 * A Tribute to the 29 Real People Left Behind 19th November 2010*

Copyright © 2011 Rob Welsh ~ Pearldiver with all rights reserved.


Author: pearldiver

~ Writer * Poet * Graphic & Website Designer * Anti BS Advocate ~ Current Passions: The Injustice of Pike River 2010 & Matata 2005 ~

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  1. I like the voice here…a voice for those men and for their families. What a thoughtful, and somewhat powerful piece.

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