Good Intentions

ezra-and-faithGood Intentions.



How are you?

Do I really want to know?


If I did, it would mean I truly cared.

More words flippantly tossed into the air.

Gone for good?


I will see you soon.
I must have you round for a meal.

I am puzzled by the way your eyes glaze over.

I mean it sincerely

And yet,

I am busy.

Surely you know how it is.

There are more important matters.

Don’t be huffy or hurt.

Then you vanish

With no goodbye.

Sometimes wrapped in good intentions,

And yet,

Even if I don’t like you,

Care for you,

’tis rude to admit it.
Words . . . words . . . words,

All I hear,

Insincere words wafting in the wind.



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