Measure the treasure that fell from your lips
When you kissed and delighted the depths of my being
Drew from the gods
Nectar in your eyes
Swam in the pool- without seeing

Blind to the toil you set up in my brain
Craving the wisdom that made you delight
and tickle the humour from dark in my night
I floated and soared- without seeing

Years drifted on in bubbling bloom
dancing and touching the stars in our room
Fading in bones, yet still the tones
kept me warm- without seeing

I’ll lend you my days as  you fill up my cup
The joy that you bring
heart that will sing
Send me reeling- without seeing

Blind to your needs that kept you so strong
my blind adoration was never in vane
Blind as we flicker like moth to a flame
Trusting ,ignited- in  being

Who are we?

Who am I? and WHO are you?
Are we  marching toward each other
Or locked forever in embrace

You fill my day ,when I feel your breath
that lies within my soul
awaiting my awakening

Speaking soft tones of love
not guilt
my anxious mind glimpses
the perfection in each dawn
and we break through the clouds together

age has granted time to ponder notion
yet as a child I knew your essence
it held me close when sorrow swept
and cradled my beating heart entwined in your sacred one
the tide held me but did not drown

Years spent waltzing round the globe
testing partners of power or riches
till settled in a land where humanity
smiled as fate and tyranny threw
their all
they called you father
and thanked you for your grace and wonder
Humbly I praise beside them
To be gentle in their pain and they love again again
Oh my God Who am I and who are you?



Sit on my grave but don’t sit in sadness
Swallow the light that pervades though the trees
Watch as the nestling birds build their devotion
To life and its dawning and setting at ease

Rest for a moment and smile at my notions
Breathe in the shadows when darkness is near
Trade your regrets for a glance at creation
Cycles of wonder  grace solace not fear

I’m singing off key in mountains and oceans
Running and slipping through valleys and breeze
Craving the music to trip off my fingers
Writing my whimsey content, so at ease

Sadness and darkness can creep like the ivy
Colours the bark but gloom will prevail
Seek to release it free up your mind dear
Love all of life’s garden take wind and sail…



Faces clutching at the stars
Hide from the moon
It trails their mind to darkness

Light melting through the night
music to ignite or rock
our cradled sleep of sadness


Oh, I was rather a happy chubby chanting child
not wild
School, fun, fashion romance all fell to place
and I did chase
the world
Grabbed the planes and landed free
where ere the air did take me
The sun set on Arab and African plain the globe golden
and sumptuous delight fueled joyous dusk
or sweaty dawn
Fallen heros in my days, sadness wends its willow
to improve our stance and light a path
to follow
And while I tend the waiting room my smile is broad
not hollow
Love has woven all my days
slipping in smiles or
For I can see the face of heaven in another’s eyes
glimpse their soul
which ever hand or land they tread
when alone
we face each other equal
in longing for love
when life ends will take us there


Pakeha and Maori face each other
Years before in time
Each preen their feathers
some stay aloof
on waves of brine
Echo their song- no dancing a sailors jig
We’ll sling them in the brig
or blast our muskets

‘Masters ‘sailed long ago from this southern shore
and again today we meet each other
some tattooed faces , all tired eyes and hair of grey
The wisdom of shared lives in days gone by,
pushed asunder

Rights                                                                Wrongs

we pay the price with every tide
Hard working people of New Zealand weave patterns
that could delight our eyes and warm our hearts
Looking for pathways of hope through the bog
and the mire of distrust  that drag us apart

Sometime we’ll carry one another on a wave of triumph
as on the rugby fields ,finding touch
and find the winning line, together!

From the chrysalis of stoneage to fluttering hearts

Sheltered in caves the knaves ran the gauntlet
of beasts and braved each morn to feed their young
Muscled mighty beings crushed enemy
and ravaged their queen
would we have seen
caressing in those days?
When did mans heart tug and beat him to submission to pure love?’Evidence suggests’ a mothers make up held it
who and how do they measure ?

the family unit- a thesis, discuss
did it nurture the brain to grow in size?
do cells develop minds we recognize as attune to our ways?

the dance, symphony, compendium of life and players that walk this earth now are caught in a drama, each moment the picture that is painted may be ugly or beauteous like the stars
a millisecond in a cosmic mullion
souped now
picking berries here
or mutton
baking our myriad breads
the kaleidoscope sends the shards to tumble
do we rumble
or roll
to eternity



sleep has    wounds  
you  wake     under the darkness  
the sound    of a train  
broken    along the line  
comes  through    the wound  ‡           ‡ ‡

a bird
picking   at  a star
sydney 1999


I moved my lips to the letters

you formed as you thought

of me. I thought of your


nails on the keys, the quick-

tap syntax, word

carnate on the screen;


and I heard your feet

tread the six hard steps

down to me;  the keys


in your hand.



Forgive me for loving you.

Forgive me for loving you…

Love is a coin spinning thru the air
Heads or Tails my friends?
Love or Fear? Both?
The other side of Love is fear.
Love is simply the absence of fear.

This why relationships end –
fear takes over and then
their petty cousins gate crash
resentment, guilt, animosity etc
come into-out to play.

Yet we always emerge Ok –
if we can let go of those nasty
resentment and fear critters.
Then we can emerge –
more strong, more competent

and hopefully somewhat wiser….

Hill Of Dreams

This hill is a dream space.

Its roll is gentle and comforting, and

it is barely a hill at all, a hummock

curving from the flat.

I look at it and sometimes expect it to move; to unfold,

to dip and rise as a wave, an undulating blanket

shaken out across the land.

Only its shadows move, marching across its tan and green,

moving away, each with a story of a tree, an angle,

the flavour of the day.

The rise is studded with trees – sentries – and its curves change with the light, one moment a pillow,  then a bossomy rise,

lifting and falling: it is Nature at play, a swell, a moment.

Watch me. Watch me.

I am yours


Child’s Play

The children play in the sun and the old man watches


His soft face fills with a smile: he is  child again, running and splashing


He brushes down his check shirt and leans forward to talk, his voice light and learned


He talks of his life – the war years and farming and how he had been unwell


And the sun shone and the children played and the old man said his wish was to be well


Then he leaned back and smiled and he was serene


I’m resigned to what might happen, he said. I’m comfortable


There it was; a lifetime’s wisdom in a sentence spoken so quietly it was nearly overtaken by a child’s laughter