spit           that pinch of land just enough between the sky and sea all they needed such a place to sleep out afternoons in dream the trees let loose on the breeze above their breathing skin men and women come to this place this sweep out of sand and shell into […]

I am

I am – A ‘normal’ person I am – Therefore I exist   I am not a figment of my own imagination I am not a clone Nor replication   I am – Totally unique My DNA Belongs to no-one else   I am – An alien – Within my own world… I exist Therefore […]

2 poems (blood spots – )

blood spots    no-one comes as the pen   strips the page of content   The caterpillar crawls along the ragged road.                                       words are birds in their cages free skimmed like stone out   the window the […]


WAILING AND SHRIEKING by Sonya Young Long thin limbs…like twigs…emaciated and scrawny Jutting out arrogantly….from a gangly frame She enjoys the drama of thriving on self-destruct Victim mentality rules her life…blame, blame, blame Reliving old hurts over and over, adding new ones to the pile Bending the poor ears of all those willing to listen […]


there’s time tho to stop; retract the word, your step, back to where/before you even thought of it. no sweat – the hand- gun is/ – and, gone.  a fact for a long   long/. historians   know but not why, by what way you come, some chance! determines. or wanting discipline. the mind fidgets […]

two poems –

 1. to know him is to love him   what goes on but bone, flesh, tight curls; the stories I would tell. Go   on: score your nail down. i fear tho i might burst or fold like there’s no   stuff to hold me.   2stuff                                                                                                                1 March 2018   there’s now, & […]

The River and the Wind

She is anchored to this endless plain; her hair trailing, the dress a filling sail. The hills are a half smile reaching to a purple haze; the river peels the bank. She stood for a moment then reached for the earth. It blew from her fingers and she spun and raised her arms and her […]


DAMNED by Sonya Young He was a religion that no one followed A church with cold, empty pews He nailed himself to a crucifix Then waited sadly for good news He watched mankind marry the devil With no divorce papers to be found All these damned non-believers The emptiness to which they were bound The […]

how i got here

My feet move w/out thinking. You pass me on the pavement. Occupy the back room of. I can’t remember – not one step; heart-   felt –     ; moment; how I got, the way I went. It remains: the weight of –   One step – .I’m like a robot. Even now, & tho I’m […]

death of you

POW! a man like me but much younger, out- gunned, commandeered.   I’d cut you down from the suffering which humbles the spirit.   You never recover. In London, wait; take orders, bow & later, alone with yourself, feel like a tool, & struck down at 50. You gave your wife   6 children & […]


BEAUTIFUL EMPTY SHELL by Sonya Young Sleeping in a bed of futility Restrained by society’s rules The moon is surly and bitter Her heart stained with fury A goddess of everything shallow Seduced by invisible forces Her reality now tissue thin A plague upon her mind A portrait ….a masterpiece Canvas torn and the paint […]

from Hail Gazers #3

I used to have a drinking problem: I always ran out before I’d had enough. Or I brought too much, and drank beyond the usefulness of alcohol—people getting drunk happily releasing as they go. I used to have a problem with unanimous. No day belonged to when I wasn’t really sure the Sun was not […]

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