Fibre-Optics, My Dear

they clung together in bolsters

like oblique trajectories


as finely woven splinters,

creeping – slighted


bound, mingling with damp,

atop algae covered stone


gloriously sated, in silent hues

of ochre tincture


now burnished bold

with fine alluvial dust


came quietly sweeping,

with haste – upstream


where crepuscular nocturnes

of liquid – churning


danced exquisite – alongside

the course battered flax


sun-dried, then parched

beneath intrepid blaze of sun


though only to return

under deep cloak of night


to lay inert upon humus

in dank, drizzled shards


near a barren mound

upon a dark chiselled plain



©Orion Foote 2016


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  1. john keast john keast says:

    Too true, Dean. It does. Very nice.

  2. orionblue orionblue says:

    Cheers Dean – I admire everyone on here for their own unique writing, even though I don’t comment on everything – for the most part it’s a pretty solitary passion and it’s nice to have a forum to share – respect to all.

  3. Dean English Dean English says:

    lovely earthen cadences, & I found, on first reading, it read itself to me

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