Gone to Kuranui (for June – toku tuahine)


a sun blazed hour

where your smile returned

idling, dawdling – such grace

along the sands at Paekakariki

where ancient sea smiled

and hills watched

how they shone sister

like these – as green as the sea

rosary beads

her mother, she said

had thought it proper

from her to me

my daughters mother

thank Christ – the gift you gave

and blessed be

the orphaned waif

small leaden feet – ungodly fate

the trembling mouth

too scared to speak

of things only she would know

off down the road

no earthly goods

nothing really (of which

to speak)

but duffle bag of shame

driven away, cast aside

flung to sodden curb

now left for dead

Kuranui angel – risen to fly

one teeming winter night

©Orion Foote, 2016

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  1. john keast john keast says:

    Journey of discovery – very nice

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