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No Limit

We are limited in the Cyrillic language to 26 letters
I will post them to you
Don’t limit the space in your heart for forgiveness

We are bounded by the bandage of hate that holds dominion
let it creep away and
we will not bleed to death

We seem immersed in time, yet my mind perceives infinite truth
can yours believe in mercy?..
it is timeless

Ours the hours to revel in romance
enjoy life don’t define it
give a little
love lots
listen to the cries of those in need
heed them,
even the disillusioned ones,
need an answer
that doesn’t blow their minds

Here is a life to lead us, where ?
don’t wander or wonder yet
just live………………………….
and gift mercy  ………….

© 6 hours ago

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