THE QUIET. -Written by Taylor John.
I. It Started With Me.
It, started with me on the back of a motorcycle – going, really fast – knowing, the driver is not going to make the hairpin. As, we went over the edge – she said, ‘Whoops, I went too fast!’. Like, in slow-motion – we, floated down the massive cliff, to our death. I thought, we would land heavily – and, our bodies be splattered everywhere – but, we just landed gently. Everything, was in limbo: we – asked others, they ask us – how, we lived our lives – while, no one had an answer: whether – we were, waiting for Judgement Day or judgement had already been passed. All this, while set – not, in hell-fire – but, a hopelessly dismal moody grey hue. (It, made me feel – absolutely, awful!) Whilst – I was confronted, by perverted men (one, in particular) – with, great strength and armed with several blades – to, cut me up; he – wanted, his way with me! I was, battling him off – whilst, the chick who was the rider of the motorcycle, had a court scene from her life: transparent, as if an imposed sentiment; a dual, morbid state. The court issue: her parents, arguing over custody of her – as, a young girl..

Against no kissing of the clowns?
No, I have – no, FALLING. (I’d – even: suggest –
My, Best..?) I, haven’t – peeled, no un-reeling; nor – even: taken,
Notice – of, The Mist..! (I, haven’t – PEELED: no –
Un-Reeling; nor – Heartlessness!)

But, the COLOUR – is, all so – Divine: it – even,
Shows: You – GOODBYES!
[I, may – end, up – being, a local beggar?
(“I’ll, sand – your, shoes – for, You..!” – I’d, cry!) I will,
Send you – loving, letters: (..if – Time: have – no:
Innocence..); I, will: SEND – YOU,
Loving Letters : (that, are – not: Absent!)]

[..No – matter: have – it: A Veil; nor – a, saddened – twisted, Rose :
No – matter: have – it: A, Poisoned Glass – (from,
Which – They, smile: THERE – BELOW!)]

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