READINESS OF TONGUES. -Written by Taylor John.

Like, of everything that is, one moment in a time – all, worth fighting for – about! For, being. (Heart – as you would, speak – or, act “accordingly?”). Desire – of, Love’s Salvation and Intimacy – have with, Discomfort? Or, with Ease – in, Accompaniment: free – from, Shackles? Or, like caddied – whereby, ones acts of “Inner-worth”, and or “Inner-pride” – are as benefice, to reach an undoing? (Please – stand. O solemn head – Guard? And, Lend – of your own, dilemmas? (Mistake?) Oh!)
Good works of charity – like, the sense of accomplishment, of living out ambitions : the, desperate sense of punkiness – that which, the ambition – excludes, of? Hungered – mindful, of its next grievance. Like, dear Naming – mere means to communicate with others, draws much contentment – that, one individual musters, with many other things – good or bad; beautiful or ugly: all for, being – merely some thing.
As like, of a child – in, the beginnings of a disliking toward the negativeness of having to be answerable to – must, we also? Indeed, don’t be afraid to rant and rave, dear writer! When, does speech – suffice? When the concept of wisdom, in the hands of society – is yet for the people, though in having means to display wise characteristics – the people, answer. But, that he should? For, Hearts commute – and, stray by change – is that, the notion of love – still somehow, anew and touching? As though, “Love – needing, A Window; like, A Writer – needs, A Lamp? What time are we keeping! For – Love: A Wind; Writer – and, his Lantern – burning…
…In confliction, we conflict ourselves to others; like, scattered worms thrown to pigeons.
But, like Illuminant Butterflies – undone, in Flora – like, A Grin catching Tourists – yes, we must indeed, respect disciplines! And, honour what we know best!

How ‘bout, “(to) Evening; as do Poets: “Wine – and, Woman?”; “Bloody War”: “…And – Dead – in, Great Mass; like, The Victim? Lambs – in, Dead of Black-water?” I think, of – The Poets; I should, be reading with them – in, Anguish: To, those Poets,
“…Taste – of, A Tear: Forming, on The Breast of A Lover?”
(In, The Embracing Way of A Lover) The jovial-made Limb (A Shameless Actress and her Cheeks – now, Blissful Devils? Being – noticing: One Fine City-lake – with, The Swans; or, Launderette’s Dressed’ Lilted Perfumes; or, The Sunflowers of The Playful Gardens (of Being’s Essence) : Being – Gathered Language: in, Ordinary Places; like, some kind of Addiction. Where, what is taught – is what is mute, of being branded – a negativeness. Yet, we must acknowledge the disciplines of respect, and of honour. What is too, our own, to hold. Hear of it, and let it be. With your being, not persecute what is alien to you. Nor, not detest what is foreign. Merely, enjoy what the human mind reasons with. Dictate, your own being! Yes, share – amongst! Yet, discover – touch, and heart when one merely feels and listens. Yet one, who does not understand – is, certainly one who is still answerable, to. Say something, but no need to panic – the cat, is out of the bag.
‘Please, leave him – in, his Will; leave him – to, ponder…in, his… ’ – like, as a woman’s fleeing from her persperation, that is sticking to her sundress – ever more, enduring. Or, shall we call it, Shelter? We do mind, seeming – worthy? Worthy? Now, new! Now, Forgetful. Gone. How – to, act? Like, meeting her, at her Graceful Poise? Or, embracing her in a manner – of, a long-awaited Reunion? Please – write me, Tomorrow – in: A Poem…? How – to, write it? Let – it, write, you in it! Let – it, write, you in it?
[Post of Observation]: “…And – Dearness: ROSE-RED,
Postscript: “:Have – Her: A Compassion? Have – Her: A Sound? A Passenger – through, all – The War, by.”
Post postscript: “O Body,
Hers, is curved – in, our Company! To, find Vocation? The Women – whom, need your charity, too – in, Kisses? ”
Need to put down none
Post postscript: O must – I reply how, I, Pendulums of Duty – on, A Bright Colourful Open Umbrella? Or, is it: An Igloo? Or, A Gorgeous Feathered Wing?

[Aspire – Love; in – what, Company?] …Mistake – me not: my, Gaze – in (beneath), your Portrait; of, whom – I have, Breathed – with; Breath – of, The Bliss of One’s Heart!
“ ‘…Where’s anybody?’ Henry, seeking a rapid escape – worthy. The Public’s glamour: humoring, him. As though, A Ladder to The Heavens – has, him perched on its imagery. Noble Vocation – to, this man – may seem, “otherwise…!”: “[Grace] Lucid: Flora; Sun and Mount; Fountain; Temperament: A Flourish – of, “Offering…” – to, The Blessed? Or, to Lambs – in, dead black-water?: O Fatherland! ”

THEREFORE – “whence” – DRAWN drawn – much,
The better use ; much,
The worse, or much – the better fit?
(And, yet – have’th, Care) for – or, abandoned SEASONS – of, LOVE or of LUST :
INQUIRY’S least opportune moments – COVERINGS : Crying – ‘where’s…?; ‘where’s anybody…? : as, if – A TIRING ABODE – ARBOUR (A, r, b, o, U, r ?) ;
(Countered LOVE & WAR) like,
GLAMOROUS : uniformed clasping, clung – to,
Song’s statute positioned child – so, pure ;
Exhibit of SUN-DRESSES’ STARING : The Blessed Fallen Shoulder. – MORNING SUN

HOW – ought…
He – bunking – drawn;
Like – SCATTERED WORDS for POETS – with,
SERVICE : now,
Must be – fussed over : crying – ‘Where’s…?’ ;
‘Where’s anybody…?’ ; like, “[Held] SCRIBES & DICTIONARIES & CYNICAL NOTES & LETTERS (Addressed, ‘WHOMEVER’)” : a simple lament – drawn tight. (Uniformed clasping, clung – to, Song’s statute positioned child – so, pure ; exhibit of SUN-DRESSES’ STARING.)

–‘[Exhibit] Mere – handed, Turning ; like,
The Moonlight – by, Self.

–‘Act out: “The Princess” ; for – The Fold!
–‘How – to, act? let – it, write, you in it!
–‘Let – it, write, you in it?
–‘I see – how, to make “Worth”, then?
–‘Have, you – the, Manhood? And,
Your plea – how, to have it?
–‘[Post of Observation] She – blushing, pink ; Woman : glaring – Flesh : flush, in Song.

Now, clinging – dispersing away, from her careless configuration – upward ; wrapping – her thin arms around his hips. He – A Gentle Mountain ; she, A Wild-flower.

Therefore – drawn (much, the better use ;
Much, the worse or much the better fit ?):
O Exertion’s drowsiness – whence ;
Or, yet – have’th, care ?

For, or Abandoned : drops – of, love –
Or, of lust : unaware guest – of,
Inquiry’s mouth-filling play ?
If, only for a moment – Humane Coverings.

How – ought ?
The Players, bunk – therefore, drawn (much,
The better use ; much,
The worse or much the better fit ?)

Drops, of truth… A Drab’s drab stet – Quip Vaudeville :
Countered, Love and War – like,
Sundresses’ Staring – evermore,
Enduring ?

So – taut Melée cared for ; and,
Or – abandoned – like, the freckles – of,
Love – or, of Lust ? All the same: ‘Ah !’ ;
‘Whew !’ – falling, swiftly on a crude picnic rug ;
Yet – but, all – and, indeed – ever been – and, so:
Mere, tooth pickings.

And, I shall long for you today?
Aspire – love, in what company?
Like, counted – sailing vessel’s miles,
Unto land? Or, like – Tides’ passing shadow – unto,
The day. Gathering – Language – so? Language – so.

[Under Talking] Beauty – and,
Garden ; and – Dear White Heron ;

You – play, like Apart : yet, from –
A Sound ; A Tone ;
A Father.

Of – its’ Sea – Blue Of Summer Sky ; and,
O Blessed O Mourn : Wild-flower Meadow – amongst,
Shadow And Light : War – Thin,
Is, the sum.

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  1. after 1 read II & XII struck me the most – evocative combination of words. has something of the early Pound – what with the mix of modern & archaic, which is effective here

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