Maple Leaf. -Written by Taylor John.

The hideous and cruel and rude witch
(Who was caught napping
In a little child’s gaunt heroics –
Of, poetic verse)
That provoked madness from I
With short-listings of wickedness
In the prisms of poison
From my respondent gob –
To rid her bad poetic word –
That glee
To every once happy reader
Of the childish rhyme –
However she yelped –
They would in fright,
Be caught in their little whispers
Of terror and torment ;
They, with their weak
And broken little palms
Dabbling of little
Hideous gaunt words
To shout at her
(If she so happens
To startle them
With unexpected belittling.
Hideously rude vowels and
Consonants from her busy gob.)

Busy to alert each busily gaunt word,
They sing – pathetic little cries.
So gigantically composed
Gaunt sonnets –
To reading of spooks!
A twisted tongue of hate,
Of young happy children –
The hideous witch, prayed
On the young children.
For she, always would
If one so happens to stumble
Across her path in the woods,
Where children loved to play.

From a yelp of laughter, below
Her hideously long pointy nose
(From between it.)
And her, long pointy chin –
That leap, toward the gaunt prepared
Of children
Little nose and little chin)
Her words, to tackle their tongues –
From, her hideous and nasty scornful mouth.
And, her long pointy chin – once again,
Leaping toward the little circle – forming,
In their little gob –
Shaped, in a hollow circle –
Like, a tiny little donut –
Approached, the young children.
Who were, unfortunate
To have crossed, the hideous witch’s path,
In the woods.

Alarmed, little gob –
Of, what is hideously present.
Dot out – of, the usual charm spooks –
Bringing, to her hideously bent smile
(That exposed what she had eaten
In the last several months –
Because, she only cleaned her teeth
When she went out to town –
To get, her goods from the grocery store –
A few miles away –
From, her hideously gaunt house –
In, the hideous woods –
Where children play).

Swarming – their, sweet mouths –
With, bitter lines –
From, her yelping cruel mouth –
Her, long pointy chin
(Sharp – like, the tip of a sharpened pencil) –
Leap, towards the youngest –
Of, the two children
(For, she loved the taste –
Of, the youngest – of,

The hideous hideous witch,
Opened her mouth – snapped,
Her hideous mouth wide open –
Uttering, such a long –
Long hideous puzzle :
Pencil-shaped grin –
From, her old wrinkly hideous face –
Puzzling, hideously bent back –
With, more bending –
To, snatch –
At, the youngest –
Of, the two children;
Flapping – her, pointy chin,
As she yelped – her, foul,
Foul words of perversion –
And, nasty –
And, cruel – hideous,
Consonants and vowels –
Into, the little ears –
Of, the frightened little child;
Her pointy chin – still, flapping –
Hideously : in, hideous folds;
Like – one, of Salvador Dali’s collars
(Hideously folded –
So hideously crude –
And, victimizing.)

Suddenly – the hideous,
Hideous witch –
Bent, her little knees –
In, turn (buckling – each, knee –
Like a train being derailed –
By, the oncoming words –
That, are the youngest:
Child, wrote – on,
Her jaggedest palm –
Yelping, short-lists –
Of, hideous nouns
(With verbs);
So – she, could be involved –
In, such hideous yawns –
To, deafen –
The hideous –
Hideous, witch’s crudely hideous ears –
With, her girlish cry –
Now, belting but laughter –
In, gasps – of, hideously gaunt poetry –
For, the hideous witch’s large and hideous ears –
To hear, her poisonous deadly sounding vowels:
That – had, the punch – of, Ali;
That had – the cruelty, of an ice-cream van’s tune –
To, a child – who, is not aloud an ice-cream –
For, her mother – would not, treat her child –
To, a large scooped ice-cream –
With, yummy chocolate sprinkles;
With – a yummy stick, of chocolate flake
(Not even, one sprinkled –
With, yummy hundreds and thousands) –
For, her sweet gob – to, gobble up –
For, such a sweet little child – to, enjoy –
With, a small skip and a hop –
Back, inside – to, mummy.

The horrible-mouthed witch –
Not handsome, at the very least.
Not, even – to, those –
Whom happen, to love –
The face, of an ugly witch.
Even – if, her nose –
Is, long and pointer than those.
Even – if, her chin – is, long
And pointier, than a child’s’.
Even – if, the skin on her neck –
Is, draped – like, a hound’s.
No – the horrible-mouthed witch –
Not, handsome at the very least.
Her legs – in, a sharp jerking –
Of, bent of all sorts.
The hideous hideous witch face –
A typed, prospectus –
For, an emerging memorial institute:
“The Michael Jackson Academy For
The Glamorously Gaunt.”
Fell toward the ground –
With – a, descending thud:
Turning – into, a maple leaf –
As, she fell – to, the ground;
Of – all, the leafs – that, lay –
On, the forest’s floor –
Where, all the children –
Now, happily play;
Without – the, hideous
Witch’s yelping laughter,
That used, to – frighten,
Them away.

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  1. Ekkkkk no. They are in my mouth. A scary story for the fevered and the dying. Or not. May be a 2-3 year old child. I could do sound effects…

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