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Love By Drowning

I see your whirlpools, darling
I can see them now
the blue and green
and between those colours
I understand now, these currents
I can see your whirlpools, baby

I can see the deep ache, sweetheart
upon your weathered smile
the weight above your eyes
turmoil, like sunken treasure,
way down deep
that you have protected for awhile

I can see your whirlpools, darling
like a spinning water wheel
up one second then headlong down
you refuse to heal
a vow to never give up on us
wasn’t that the deal?

I can see your whirlpools darling
the water could wash us clean
but you wont come up for air
so I dive into your whirlpool baby
lets go down into your abyss
I will be your treasure there

2 thoughts to “Love By Drowning”

  1. This is a deeply personal poem to me, its about a relationship which is faltering because one person is going through crisis and cannot seem to break free and be healed. The last Stanza is the other person saying fuck it, we are in this together and come hell or high water im not letting go. Its a love story.

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