meaning what meaning

let’s suppose a purpose just for fun
say perhaps that there was one
that for a second had undone
all we’d done with all we did
with every bidding we forbid
love perhaps and no reaction
nowhere nothing could get traction
nothing dug-in nothing etched
no single sorrow to regret
theist, atheist or agnostic
no diagrams or diagnostics
and in the place of all this meaning
there was space for space to be in
just a little left of centre
in the chest of the inventor
me and you unpaying guests
living in our messy nests
our miraculous mirages, our succulent selves
our sour grapes, our thirsty wells
if this was all there were to show
for all the evolution of the soul
I don’t mind, let all be forfeit:
Your warmth within my warmth was worth it


TK Essex

TK Essex

Singer/songwriter, instrument maker, father, massage therapist and (hopefully) a poet 🙂

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