Grey Lynn Festival

i feel i never breathed before this day with you
began with wine, we danced
we held the value of our life
in one clumsy hand
entwined our fingers with the other.

the cork jumped high, we overflowed:
plastic cups were chalices
children were cupids
all eyes were wide
and the rain was not steady.

i will sit with you in the park
and strand by strand
comb every tangle from you;
will look at ducks and weeds and watercress
be amused by steady beauty
constant as this flame that has us burning.

cloistered somewhere dark and deep
carousels of angels laughing winking
every thought we speak is sweet.

some may say there’s something better;
many say there’s something worse;
but i will wrap you in my sweater
tuck you in warm fields of verse.

yes, you speak a foreign language;
many cases, too much wine,
so we share a friendly bottle
inside our ship on summer time.


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TK Essex

Author: TK Essex

Singer/songwriter, instrument maker, father, massage therapist and (hopefully) a poet 🙂

3 thoughts on “Grey Lynn Festival”

  1. Thank you Dean and John. This poem is about the day I met my wife-to-be at Grey Lynn Festival 10 years ago. It was a magical event, and I hope I managed to capture some of that sense of light in the poem 🙂

  2. i feel i never breathed before/ this day with you
    began with wine/ we danced
    we held the value of our life
    in one clumsy hand…

    very nice beginning!

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