Prickly Little Creatures

I typed ‘hedgehog

into Google

to find facts about them

so I could write this poem.

Links kept leading to

more links.

Pulling faces at my screen

and sticking out my tongue in disgust,

I was feeling disappointed

and about to give up.

Clicking one more link

I finally found

useful information.

Hedgehogs have slow

thinking reflexes.

This probably explains

the high amount

of prickly casualties

in the middle of the road.

The Department of Conservation

argues that they aren’t cute,

but are pests, because they harm

New Zealand’s native plants,

insects and birds.

Whatever way you think of them,

next time you see

this strange little fellow,

don’t kick him to the curb.

Bend down and whisper,


He may just answer back,

“Hello,” in his own hedgehoggy googly way.

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