What is not seen

Isn’t it funny, sometimes, that you see what is not there;

funny how the eye picks up the expression, the smile

yet also sees the beginning of loss; that that someone

is not looking at you but past you – to something – or someone

that you do not want to think about, but you do.

You see them in the sun and warming each other in winter.

Hesitation, the averted eye, but it adds up.

Or so you imagine.

And it is a watery sun in winter: there, just enough to warm your fears.

Then it crawls to the back of your head and begins to tap.

And that, really, is where the end starts

4 thoughts on “What is not seen

  1. Ha not mine Peter Mr Keats handywork agaim he attracts alot of overseas interest i can see via logs on the backend i must sit down with you big hitters one day and open that can of worms its interesting to say the least

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