This Road

The cabbage trees, it is said, were planted by Maori

to guide them inland from the coast, but here,

they are markers on the undulating blacktop, firm

against the wind, passing fronds to the earth.

They are beside a road beside a paddock beside another.

They are anchors, rooted deep, to say to all:

We are here, we have stayed yet you have left.

You have carved up the land and filled it green.

There is no bracken, no towering beech.

So we drive by, to the hills, songs in our ears

yet hear nothing of the land’s song.

We do not see the crests of up-pushed land,

nor the little natives fighting to survive

the pouring on of water, the might of the mower.

We see only man’s work, feel a false pride

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  1. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    A fine and loving picture of the earth down your way, John, always measured out in word-breaths to the ‘T’, always enjoyed!

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