Lady In A Coat

Anyway, she wore a tank-grey coat –

or did it have a hint of navy?

It sat well, a high collar and epaulettes,

neat buttoned cuffs.

It was nice, but it was how it was worn:

it gave the chest room, and she had been careful

not to fasten it at the waist, so that as she walked

the coat came open in little curves.

The strap hung, a kind of counter-balance.

As she walked away I saw her short hair,

and saw her quick, deliberate step.

She was a long way from France,

but all I saw was a smart woman in a fine coat.

It was all very Paris-in-autumn; Vogue.

I turned on an unfashionable heel

2 thoughts on “Lady In A Coat

  1. Lovely, John. Reminds me of the coats my mother used to wear in her day. This line captures that movement perfectly for me:
    the coat came open in little curves

    Indeed those little curves that open and close in walking!

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